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Accounting outsourcing with “AIP”

An integrated approach to saving money

In fact, we offer not only accounting maintenance but also comprehensive accounting services. This may be helpful both in a situation where we are maintaining your accounting and in a situation where you prefer to work having an accountant on staff. Actually, each client will receive services from our team consisting of an auditor, an accountant, a personnel specialist, a tax consultant plus a coordinator.
For a small business, having all of the above listed specialists on staff is highly burdensome, not to say impossible, from a financial viewpoint.
Thus, you will gain a competitive advantage.

We have divided the contract and the business process into autonomous units that may be used separately, with the price established for each unit and the prices added up to get the total cost.

Principal units:

  1. Accounting maintenance
  2. Payroll accounting
  3. Work with the bank
  4. Source documents preparation
  5. Personnel accounting
  6. Consulting support
  7. Related IT services
  8. Additional services:
    • Tax planning
    • Assistance in case of replacement of the chief accountant
    • Expert examination of the client’s accounting service
    • Recovery of errors made in past periods
    • Selection of an accountant for the client

The total price of the accounting services as well as any other related services consists of the prices of principal accounting maintenance units and depends on the allocation of the functions between the customer and the service provider as well as certain factors of the customer’s financial and economic activity. It may be calculated transparently and easily for both parties with the help of the price list available on the website, which is also an annex to the contract.
We charge prepayment for rendering the services depending on the expected work volume. Based on the results of each quarter, the fee for accounting maintenance is adjusted in accordance with the volume work that is actually performed. During a quarter, the total quantity of documents, operations or employees may change in both directions. After the end of a quarter, the leading accountant re-calculates the price, issuing an invoice for an additional amount if the volume taken for preliminary calculation was exceeded or carrying forward a portion of the prepaid amount if that volume was not reached.

Why “AIP”?

1. We have rendered accounting support services since 2000. You will receive experience and techniques that have worked for years. Many of our methods are unique copyrighted materials.

2. We are among the TOP 50 Russian companies in the field of accounting outsourcing according to Expert magazine we hold the 11th position in RF according to the rating of Auditor magazine. You will have no reason to worry if you entrust us with the implementation of a large project or a local task. We have sufficient resources.

3. We have not had any conflicts with any clients and have not received any complaints from tax authorities in the 12 years we have been in business. Everyone can make an error, but we will never allow our client to suffer from our error even if it results in a loss of our profit, because our reputation is more important. You needn’t be uneasy about your business!

4. Financial liability. You won’t have to pay the claims from control authorities. “AIP” is financially liable for the quality of its work and its compliance with the terms of the contract. An additional guarantee is provided by the insurance of our liability with Ingosstrakh, the most reliable insurance company in Russia, to the amount of the ruble equivalent of USD 1,000,000. And if we make an error, the insurance company will pay you the amount of the damage. Thus, you have an additional guarantee.

5. You save at least USD $2,500 a month. You order only the services you need, and re-calculation is effected if the work volume changes. The price of the services is determined by the basis of the volume of work.
By replacing 1 accountant on staff with our services, you save at least USD $1,500 on a one-time basis (equipment of the workplace + licensed software) and at least USD $2,500 on a monthly basis (salary, taxes and deductions, office lease, software updating). A detailed calculation may be provided upon request.

6. Online consulting by an auditor and the possibility to attend business workshops for our clients at our business school.
This will enable you to make the right decisions in a short time and enhance your professional level as a manager.
7. 100% safety of information. Loss of documents and information leakage are completely ruled out. Hard copies of all materials are accepted and transferred under the inventory list. Confidentiality is guaranteed and is a mandatory provision of the contract. This enables you to be open to us as if we were a doctor and you do not need to worry about your information.

8. Unnecessary documents may be destroyed or forwarded for safe storage. We have a partner agreement with a company which is a leader in the archival services market.

9. We are dedicated to the automation of accounting. Working on an integrated basis, we will make the process effective and adaptable. We will release you from the work of adjusting to performance specifications and controlling programmers.

10. Convenient location. “AIP” has two offices in Moscow and partner representative offices in RF regions. Our specialists may come to your business. For you it means saving time and, consequently, saving money.

Let’s start work?

Phone us +7 (495) 236-77-50 (multichannel) to ask questions, to clarify details of cooperation and to make an appointment.

Our services:

  • Accounting Services/Outsourcing
  • Current Accounting Department Expertise
  • Assistance while transitioning a Chief Accountant Change
  • Recruiting Accountants
  • Examinations for Accountants
  • Restructuring of Accounts
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