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Let’s talk about price? Appraisal services are of much interest both to legal entities and individuals. They are regulated by the Law On Appraisal Activity in the Russian Federation and by a number of other regulatory bodies.

In particular, the legislation determines the cases where appraisal is mandatory, of which the following may be mentioned:

  • lending (for example, purchasing housing on credit against security (pledge) or lending to a business);
  • re-appraisal of fixed assets;
  • acceptance of accounting of a property which is transferred to an company on a gratuitous basis or discovered in the course of taking stock;
  • certain operations with securities;
  • establishment of the amount of caused damage (for insurance or legal proceedings), etc.

Appraisal services involve establishing a fair market value for various items, including immovable property items, transport vehicles, equipment, businesses, property and non-property rights.

To generate an independent expert appraisal, not only is the current value of a property item taken into consideration but also the general market situation and the prospects for development as well. This point is of special importance where business, construction in progress, intellectual property items, investment projects, securities or land plots are to be appraised.

“AIP” has rendered appraisal services since 2008. It was then that the respective Department was established, in which a team of experienced professional appraisers was formed. Since then, we have performed any kind of appraisal work in cases where appraisal is mandatory and in cases where it is performed on a contractual basis. Appraisal may be initiated both by the seller of an item to be appraised and by the buyer.

What is to be appraised?

Business. Expert appraisal is necessary in the when purchasing / selling a business (or a share therein). Equally, one cannot do without it if the need arises for a reorganization of a company, for example, in the event of merger or a spin-off of individual business units. Appraisal is also necessary if a company is going to raise capital against the pledge of its shares. The insurance company will also demand that an appraisal is carried out.

Immovable property. There are a lot of situations where appraisal of immovable property may be required. First of all, it is necessary in the event of the purchase/sale or exchange of immovable property. Establishment of the fair value may be also necessary where the lease-out of an immovable property item or a contribution thereof to the charter fund is planned. Immovable property that will be used as security in lending or is to be insured is also subject to an independent appraisal. A re-appraisal of an immovable property item may be also carried out with the purpose of reducing the taxable base.

Transport vehicles. To insure a motor vehicle, to offer it as security in lending, or to contribute it to a charter fund, it needs to be appraised also. If a motor vehicle was a gift, it may be accepted for accounting only upon appraisal. In the event of a road accident, the damage caused to a transport vehicle cannot be established without an expert examination of its value.

Securities. Appraisal of securities is necessary for making purchase/sale transactions, for making a contribution in the form of securities to the charter fund, and in the cases where appraisal of business is being carried out. Today, many companies order expert appraisal of securities for competent planning of their future financial activities. In such cases, the objects of examination may include shares, notes, bonds, futures and other kinds of securities.

Intangible assets. How can the value of licenses, patents and trade marks be established? Although intangible assets are not valued in Russia as highly as they are in other countries, their appraisal is becoming increasingly more popular in our country. An expert examination may be required, for example, if the owner of intellectual property rights is willing to protect them.

Damage. What would you do if your apartment was water-damaged? or if you suffered from a road accident or a fire? What would you do if you lost your profits through a third party’s fault? Certainly, you have to appraise the damage, which may be done by way of an expert appraisal. Subsequently bringing a claim against the person at fault for example, your neighbor, business partner, municipal body or other person.

Investment projects. No investor will take the risk of investing its funds without having  an appraisal of the project done, including the potential risks.

Based on the results of the appraisal work, a detailed report is generated, containing the computations and information on the applied appraisal method.

Our specialists are also ready to support the appraisal and to substantiate it to your opponents. The price of appraisal work is determined at an ad hoc basis.

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