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Financial consulting

The group of companies "AIP"
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Invest and multiply. Where do financial problems begin for a business? First and foremost, it is usually because of poor financial resource management. It would be reasonable to suppose that any business owner or his finance director needs professional help from time to time: less experienced professionals need assistance in their current operations and the others in resolving their strategic tasks.

Audit-Consulting Group of Companies “AIP” will help you resolve the following tasks:

  1. Business plan development. You cannot develop a successful business plan without an unbiased and sober assessment of a project or even more so, when you need to peak the interest of your partners or to raise external capital (bank credit or investments).
    A convincing and well-founded business plan is equal to 50% of the success in  the implementation of a task. Our specialists will consult for you if you are going to develop it on your own. We will examine the completed plan for you to be certain that everything is all right with it. “AIP” will also develop a plan from scratch if you do not have any experience in this matter or would prefer to rely on professionals.
    What does business planning start from? The starting point is a good idea, which  will be analyzed and translated into the language of finance. A typical business plan contains a number of points, each of which requires elaboration. These include a description of the company, the team, the product and the necessary resources, a comprehensive market analysis, a marketing plan, the description of risks and a detailed financial plan of the project.
  2. Investment project development. Are you aimed at intensive development? Are you going to expand production, to purchase new equipment and to enter new markets? If yes, you need an unbiased assessment of the project on the whole and analysis of potential payback of the investment. And this work is to be done without fail if you hope to attract some investments.
    This service may require the performance of a variety of tasks starting in particular, from the preparation of a business plan, drawing up an investment memorandum (offer) which is, a document clarifying to a potential investor all the aspects of the future project, preparing the feasibility study and, finally, an integrated assessment of the project.
     When you engage “AIP”, you may order either a complete set of services or the performance of one task only, for example, elaborating on a feasibility study. In fact, that may be considered as a “reduced” or specific business plan.
  3. Investment project assessment. Investors need to be careful when they are going to invest by themselves. Has a investment opportunity been offered to you? Arrange for an independent expert assessment. How else will you be able to make the right decision and avoid unforeseen risks? A competent external specialist will apply a professional assessment which will enable you to receive all the information you need.
  4. Current capital management and the development of an effective financial model for the future. This task can be done only if you have mastered special techniques. What are your benefits here? You receive a precise financial forecast enabling you to look into the future and to see the outcome of one or several different projects. Thus, you will be able to make corrections, to minimize risks or to abandon the projects that are doomed to failure right now.
    You will be able to build your business model from scratch or to analyze one which has been built by your employees or other specialists (if you have any doubts or you  would like additional confirmation).
  5. Other services in the field of financial consulting, including generating financial instruments etc.

Are you going to carry out diagnostics or re-organize your existing financial system? Do you plan to develop an effective financial strategy? Are you going to make a serious investment decision? Do you need to attract external investment? In each of these cases “AIP” specialists will help you find the solution to the problem and achieve excellent results.

We work with enterprises of various sizes which are engaged in a variety of activities and we are ready to provide any volume of services for each of them. From verbal consulting and developing written recommendations to direct performance of computations and generating analytical documents.

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Our services:

  • Investment Project Development
  • Drawing-Up Business Plans
  • Investment Memorandum Preparation
  • Investment Project Appraisal
  • Financial Model Development
  • Techno-Economic Justification Preparation
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