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IT automated accounting

It’s time to rise to a new level.

Similar to most production operations that are performed with the help of automated lines, many accounting and management functions should be converted to an automated mode.

That will enable you to save time, to release labor resources, to simplify and improve control and, generally, to make your business more manageable, profitable and effective. The managers and the leadership, having at all times accurate and up to date information (including analytical data), will be able to get their bearings in the situation promptly and to make informed, well-founded decisions. Practice shows that using advanced information systems considerably increases a company’s competitive ability.

One of the most accessible and at the same time effective automated information accounting systems in the Russian market are the software products of a Russian company 1C. Which are already being used with success by thousands of enterprises.

A high-tech, reliable platform which has a wide choice of applied configurations, with new applications added on a regular basis enables each organization, regardless of the sphere of its activity, to find the optimal solution. It is also important that the developers ensure continuous support and update their products regularly.

Select reliable automation entities.

Audit-Consulting Group “AIP” has the Accounting Automation Department in its structure. Which is engaged in the provision of services related to the development, introduction and support of automated systems. Including 1C's software.

Our company has the official status of a 1C franchisee.

The Department’s specialists on staff, who have received relevant certification with 1C, have already implemented numerous projects of various scales, having ensured the automation of a number of companies in Moscow.

“AIP” provides a wide range of IT services:

  • consulting support for the selection of suitable software;
  • direct delivery, integration, setting up and launching software;
  • individual development (additional development) of software products to order;
  • application support;
  • legalization of software products.

Our programmers’ level enables them to develop an individual program solution for the performance of single functions and to develop integrated systems as well.

Software: from selection to replacement.

1C programs differ in terms of the industries and the types of organizations they are intended for, their specific features and their functionality. Thus, one software product may have several standard versions differing from each other by functionality and, naturally, price. Therefore, a question arises with many customers: how to select the right solution, that is, the solution with the functionality covering the entire range of tasks in a specific organization?

“AIP” specialists, who are familiar with the special features of various software products, will help you select the right application. To do that, the business processes in the enterprise are taken into consideration (an audit is carried out). After which, the final decision is made.

For some organizations (for example, small enterprises), a standard product at a lower price is the best option, whereas for some others individualized development is necessary to make the software meet the organization’s needs. In the latter case, the most suitable version is selected and the necessary changes are made. If the selection is made competently, the automated system will pay for itself in a fairly short time.

Full-fledged installation of a 1C program is a complex process that includes not only software installation (the platform and the required configuration) onto the server but also its launch at all workstations, interface setup, delimitation of access to work with the application for various groups of users, testing and launching. You may perform some of these tasks on your own (and at your own risk) or you may entrust them to specialists who provide appropriate guarantees.

Active enterprises will have to pass through the procedure of transferring the available data, which may also be implemented by the “AIP” team. In addition, to integrate new software with other informational systems (for example, with the existing electronic document flow system) further work needs to be done.

Our specialists will ensure installation of software, provide necessary consultations related to its operation, hold personnel training sessions if need be, and take upon themselves the maintenance of your automated system. The latter function involves regular updating, correcting errors, additional improvements to the configuration, the development of new reports, etc.

For those whose enterprises use pirated software products for some reason or another, “AIP” specialists also provide a service of “software legalization”.

We draw your attention to the fact that using illegal software entails considerable fines and, in some cases, criminal punishment. In addition, the use of non-licensed products deprives you of the opportunity to utilize the full capabilities and the advantages of information systems. Certified specialists from “AIP” will replace your counterfeited software with licensed products quickly and without any damage to your enterprise’s operation so that you will be able to sleep easily.

Do you have any questions? If so, contact us by telephone or by mail!

Our services:

  • Complex Solutions on Accounting and Business Processes Automation using 1C, ORACAL, SAP and Microsoft products
  • Customized Software Development
  • Electronic Document Flow Systems
  • Delivery of Software Packaged Solutions
  • Delivery and Maintenance of 1C
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