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Legal consulting

The group of companies "AIP"
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Policy of obligatory liability insurance of 30 million of Russian rubles

Today, there are many different surprises that can happen in business and not all of them are pleasant. One cannot list everything and foresee every situation that may occur.

Legal consulting is a set of services which cover a large variety of different activities, from legal application issues to elaborating on strategies for specific situations. It includes comprehensive consulting and well-developed integrated solutions for: businesses, economy, capital markets, corporate law, intellectual property, taxation, immovable property, etc.

What do the companies using this service receive?

  • Consulting regarding any branch of the law
  • Clarification of your obligations and rights in a specific situation
  • Optimization of processes
  • Expert examination of documents to identify and prevent problems of any kind (taxation, licensing, economic activity, etc.).

The services rendered by “AIP” are used most often by organizations that do not have a lawyer on staff, but organizations of other kinds are among other clients, as well. Indeed, even if you have an excellent lawyer on staff, no one can be equally competent in all areas of the law at the same time. It is quite possible that he/she would be bewildered by the following force majeure; or, instead of a force majeure, it may be a planned a expansion of the company’s operational scope.
In addition, don’t forget that there are many cases where you may face complicated or even controversial legal provisions.

In a non-routine situation consulting a lawyer who is a specialist in a specific branch of law can improve your profits and protect you from serious losses.

Many companies use legal consulting services even though they have a lawyer on staff.

As stated above, legal consulting is a widespread concept. What does it include?

The following services are rendered to the clients of Audit-Consulting Group of Companies “AIP”:

  • comprehensive legal support:
    • consulting, expert examination of contracts and assistance in their creation, elaborating on regulatory documents;
    • consulting on legal issues;
    • clarification of controversial and complicated points;
    • carrying out audits, check of various parties, protecting the company’s assets
  • complete set of the services for the registration, liquidation and merger of enterprises
    • general consulting on legal issues;
    • work with the documents which support the company’s activities;
    • assistance in migration law issues
  • court practice:
    • assistance in the settlement of: debt, tax, housing, family, legacy disputes and criminal cases; 
    • analysis of the situation, conducting strategy elaboration, protecting the client company’s interests in front of judicial authorities and other bodies
  • copyright and allied rights
    • any issues related to copyrighted works, patents, trademarks, licenses, etc.
    • assistance in the registration, protection and transfer of trademarks, generation of accompanying documentation, services in the sphere of franchising.
  • licensing, certification:
    • assistance in obtaining liscenses regarding: broker, alcohol, jewelry, fire safety and other licenses
    • consulting support
    • analysis of documentation

Consulting makes the resolution of any legal tasks possible, which will enable you to protect your interests, to optimize your activity and to manage your own business in the most effective way.

Where to start?

Phone us +7 (495) 236-77-50 (multichannel) to ask questions, to clarify details of cooperation and to make an appointment.

Our services:

  • Clients’ Legal Services
  • Asset Security
  • Complex Support of Mergers, Acquisitions and Demergers M&A
  • Copyrights and Related Rights Legal Practice
  • International Law
  • Licensing and Certification
  • Due Diligence
  • Registration/Liquidation of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs
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