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Management consulting and accounting

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No step backwards, no marking time – business requires modernization. A Business on the verge of disaster is a trouble through which many companies have passed at some stage or other.

Neither the size of a company, nor the field of its activity, nor its popularity, nor the awareness of its brand, nor its location matters. Whether it operates in Europe, Russia, America or Asia. There are a lot of examples of this kind, just remember that the largest bankruptcies of our age as the German brand Hugo Boss, the Korean Daewoo and of course, the American General Motors. A lot of enterprises that have disappeared are known to very few.

There is one main difference between companies: some leaders detect and recognize a problem in time and launch changes whereas some others go on managing their Titanic to its fatal end.

What to do? One should start reconstruction, to improve the management system and carry out a re-engineering of the business processes before it is too late.

This means that an in-depth analysis of the business is to be carried out and on the basis of its results, appropriate changes are to be made to improve principal parameters and consequently, the effectiveness of the business on the whole by an order or even two orders of magnitude.

The concept of “re-engineering business processes” and the definition of its basic principles were developed by an American professor Michael Hammer, who presented his concept in the 1990s and took part personally in “re-designing” many enterprises. Due to fundamental changes many companies which were facing the threat of collapse have managed to reach a new level.

Just reading the works of Hammer and his followers is not enough to remake a business. Competent re-engineering requires a professional approach and the involvement of experienced specialists. Otherwise, the only result of the work would be wasted time and money.

What does “re-engineering” mean? In fact, it is a fundamental reconstruction of a company’s activities, first and foremost by changing the system of management of all business processes.

For that purpose, re-thinking and reconstructing the enterprise’s activity is required (a fundamental modification of business processes). As re-engineering tools and special techniques are used as well as software intended to automate routine operations and the process of making management decisions at various levels (in other words, operation and management processes are supported).

In the end, competent re-engineering results in a justifiable reduction in the manning table of business units and improving their operation, an acceleration of request processing, a significant reduction in operating costs  and other positive changes which have a favorable impact on your profits.

How to make your business “unsinkable”? “AIP” renders a variety of services in the management consulting field.

Our experience dealing with various companies along these lines as well as our own developments and methods to optimize internal control systems, cost management, establishing and reorganizing management accounting systems and the systems of key performance indicators (KPI) enable us to guarantee a successful implementation of these projects.

Now let’s describe our services in more detail:

  • comprehensive diagnostics or an examination of the existing management system;
  • establishment of a management accounting system from scratch or a qualitative reconstruction (or optimization);
  • re-engineering business processes (their ranking, simulation, elaboration and introducing a new pattern);
  • internal control system analysis and optimization;
  • optimization of the cash flow management (cost management) system;
  • elaboration individual KPI system analysis.

Performance of any work related to the improvement of a company’s effectiveness begins with a consultation, during the course of which we will try to clarify the goals you are going to achieve.

After that, diagnostics begin, that is, analysis of systems as a whole or individual processes and parameters that need improvement, with the express purpose of removing unnecessary features and to add some necessary ones.

As a result of such an analysis, you will get a detailed report with a description of the detected weak points, the potential risks and the plan of arrangements necessary for improving your business and its successful development. It is for you to decide whether you will implement the program offered on your own or with our help. If you choose the latter option, we guarantee that will save you time, make a “smooth” transition and success in the end.

Are you ready for changes?

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Our services:

  • Organization and Reorganization of Management Accounting System
  • Complex Diagnostics of Management System
  • Re-engineering Business Processes
  • Optimization of Enterprise’s Cost Management
  • Optimization of Internal Control System Functioning
  • Optimization and Setting of Management System
  • Elaboration of Key Indicators KPI System
  • Lowering Costs
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