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Personnel outsourcing

Just imagine: your personnel manager is a first-class lawyer and a specialist in the field of human resources. He maintains without any errors, personnel accounting and protects your interests with success in front of monitoring authorities. Besides, he is never sick, he never goes on leave, and he works for a fairly modest salary. Where can you find such a professional?

You will be able to find this person with the help of a “subscription personnel service” provided by “AIP”. We will become your first-class personnel officer and lawyer in a single person, who will:

  • maintain all your documentation without errors;
  • relieve you from any complaints on the part of the labor inspection authorities and the public prosecution office;
  • cost you less than a standard specialist.

100% protection from errors

“AIP” has offered personnel accounting services since 2005. Our employees are highly qualified specialists with at least ten years of experience. The head of the project is a true professional, whose articles are regularly published in subject-related periodicals. He is a regular speaker at all-Russian conferences and an author of workshops. You will be protected from any errors and inaccuracies as well as complaints from the authorities.

No conflicts with personnel

With “AIP”, the procedure of hiring and discharge of your employees will be in perfect order. Discharged employees will have no grounds for any complaints or court actions. You will not have to suffer financial losses owing to penalties and fines.

Financial insurance of the result

You will not have to pay for our errors. “AIP” bears full financial liability for the results of  the work of its specialists.

Personnel subscription services on a “turnkey” basis or in parts

You may order personnel subscription services on an integrated basis or in parts.

  • Personnel accounting from scratch: elaboration of employment contracts, manning table, orders, local regulations;
  • Hiring and discharge of employees;
  • Local regulations (elaboration and introduction);
  • Maintaining personnel files;
  • Personnel accounting and document management: elaboration, execution, maintenance and co-ordination of all personnel documents;
  • Support before, during and after inspections (labor inspection, public prosecution office): an employee of “AIP” will communicate with the inspecting persons, provide documents and monitor the legality of the actions of the labor inspection and public prosecution office representatives;
  • Personnel training: preparation of training programs + training (training sessions, workshops);
  • Assistance in recruitment and personnel performance assessment.

Subscription services from “AIP” or a personnel officer on staff?

“AIP” services
Personnel officer on staff
Your expenses USD 800/month
(the price of services provided on a “turnkey” basis to an organization with 15-20 employees)
USD 3,500/month
(earnings + taxes + lease + licensed software + current expenses)
Payment for
actual volume of services
Fixed earnings
(not depending on the volume of work)
Risk of errors
Depends on the professional level
Penalties, fines and other losses
Depends on the professional level
Financial liability

Where to start?

Phone us +7 (495) 236-77-50 (multichannel) to ask questions, to clarify details of cooperation and to make an appointment.

Our services:

  • Client Personnel Services
  • Organization of Personnel Record Keeping
  • Recruitment
  • Personnel Testing
  • Individual Test Development
  • Supplying Professionals
  • Elaboration and Introduction of Legal Regulations
  • Analysis of Personnel’s Efficiency
  • Advice and Outsourcing on Labor Protection
  • Workplace Assessment
  • Labor Inspection Examination support
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