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Registration and liquidation of companies

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If you need to register an organization, to make changes therein or to liquidate it, you have found the right place. The specialists at “AIP” Group of Companies will register your organization in the shortest possible time, select the optimal and the most painless method of liquidation and will competently make the changes you need. Then, they will provide you with professional advice on your problem.

Registration: where to start?

To learn about establishing your own business, you have to examine the contents of Federal Law No. FZ-129, entitled accordingly “On Registration of Legal Entities and Sole Proprietors”.
In practice, registration is a rather tiresome and boring process that requires specific knowledge and quite a lot of time and patience.
That is why entrepreneurs increasingly choose to delegate this task to those who have already passed through this procedure many times instead of experimenting themselves with the endless paperwork and waiting in queues at the relevant authorities.
Audit-Consulting Group “AIP” renders services for registration of both profit-making and non-profit organizations. Our specialists have studied all the stages of the registration process in depth and can skillfully pass around any “hidden rocks”. The only thing you have to do is to contact our specialists, and we’ll see to everything else.

Our advantages:

  • registration is completed in 10 business days (1 day for preparation of documents, 1 day for submitting them to FTS Office No. 46, 7 days for registration, 1 day for statistical certificates, printing, inquiries to the funds);
  • we ensure registration is effected on a “turnkey” basis, including receiving certificates from extra-budgetary funds and notifications regarding opening accounts;
  • if the minimum price is a question, we can offer various packages starting from RUB 3,000 with depending on the extent of our involvement;
  • we accompany you when submitting the documents to the FTS Office No. 46. Our representative will meet you and show you to the registration window. The submission procedure takes no more than 30 minutes. We will receive the documents under a power of attorney, and you will not have to make any more visits to the FTS Office;
  • we have our “own” notary to submit documents without visiting the FTS Office. All you have to do is to come there at the time of documentation, the entire process takes 20 minutes;
  • we’ll select a registered address for you regardless of the tax office you have to deal with. Postal and secretarial services are also possible;
  • urgent preparation of documents is possible.

Liquidation of the firm will enable you to get rid of the problems in lawful manner

Are you going to liquidate your firm on your own? It was quite a practical idea a while ago, but nowadays it is a fantasy especially if there are problems regarding some points. Tax office employees earn their keep, and each case of liquidation is followed closely by competent state authorities. Thus, you may face a refusal at any stage of that very complicated process with, for example, an incorrectly placed comma stated as a reason. Wasted efforts and money – is that what you were looking for?
To help you get rid of any lingering doubts, specialists from the “AIP” Group of Companies will come to your aid, who have been studying in depth all the “hidden rocks” of the liquidation process for more than 8 years. Confidentially speaking with our specialists from the beginning will help you make clear choices, and you will be able to eliminate all your “sins” in the safest and most convenient way possible.

  • We offer 4 types of liquidation:
    • voluntary liquidation by the decision of the founders;
    • bankruptcy (provided that the company has some debts);
    • reorganization in the form of a takeover into a region (alternative liquidation);
    • sale of the company (change of the founder or director).
  • We simulate various liquidation options to minimize the risks by taking into consideration changing legislation.
  • We offer a winding-up option only after finding out the details of the company’s activity to properly assess the risks.
  • We are an organization that specializes in the liquidation of companies and anti-crisis management.
  • A financial guarantee in the contract means that you will only have to pay for irreproachable results.
  • The fee is fixed, without any additional hidden charges.
  • You will be assigned your own personal manager, accessible and “in the picture” at all times.
  • We have been in the field of company liquidation for more than 12 years.
  • Discounts and special offers are always available, with many opportunities to save money.
  • We are the only ones who organize round tables and hold authorial workshops on company liquidation.
  • We have our “own” notary at hand.
  • Urgent preparation of documents is possible.

Something has changed in your company? Register that!

It is rare when a firm does not undergo some changes during its activity because business is dynamic by nature. The registered address or the name may be changed, a branch office may be opened, or a company becomes capable of increasing its charter capital.
There are also other cases where changes occur that do not entail making amendments to the founding documents, such as a change in the passport details of the company’s members, changing the head of the company, or adding new activities.
In all of these cases a company is obliged to register the changes. Which means that it has to apply again to the relevant authorities. If you have not re-registered your firm before, as required by Federal Law No. 312-FZ On Making Amendments to the First Part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation, now is the right time for you to do that.
What will cooperation with “AIP” give you? You will receive answers to any questions you may
have, and you will save a lot of your time for a reasonable price.

We are awaiting your calls and questions. Go ahead!

Phone us +7 (495) 236-77-50 (multichannel) to ask questions, to clarify details of cooperation and to make an appointment.

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