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Tax consulting

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To be or not to be – that is the question. Tax legislation is a fairly complicated procedure; in addition, it often undergoes various changes. Therefore, all over the world and, in particular, in Russia the number of organizations using services such as tax consulting is growing.
Naturally, the companies engaged in the extraction of minerals, baking bread, manufacturing furniture and other economic activities are not able to spend equal time and effort examining legislative acts and amendments thereto. Therefore, enterprises face continuous threat because violations and errors related to the payment and non-payment of taxes, even unintentional ones, are fraught with deplorable consequences, from enormous fines to complete discontinuation of the organization’s operation.

Tax consulting provides you with a practical opportunity to reduce not only the tax risks but the tax payments while using only lawful methods.

The qualified lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the existing legislation provisions and experienced tax inspectors and auditors of “AIP” will carry out an audit of the documents, identify the tax risks, elaborate on the tax optimization pattern and, if need be, protect your interests in front of the tax authorities. Don’t wait until it becomes too late! Be ahead of the tax officers, since the fines are enormous now and may pose a real threat to the further existence of your business. Do you have to pay excessive taxes? It’s the right time to start tax planning.

  • Do you want to pay less tax? Then you have to carry out tax optimization on a regular basis (for example, once every 2 or 3 years).

Many lawful methods and techniques exist for reducing the tax burden, from making amendments to business contracts and exercising the right to the benefits provided for by the legislation to reorganizing the enterprise and establishing a holding company. Even more opportunities open up to companies engaged in foreign economic activity, since international tools become accessible in these cases.
Planning begins with detailed analysis of the existing taxation model, during this time its weak points are identified. The company’s contract activities are examined as well and its actual tax burden is determined. After that, elaboration on a new model starts, enabling the company to minimize its tax payments.
As a result of competent planning and optimization, you will remain a good faith taxpayer while paying the minimum tax amounts that are possible in your circumstances. Thousands of enterprises are already doing that, and why shouldn’t you work with your tax base and think about tax management?

  • Do you want to reduce your tax risks? You should immediately apply to a competent specialist for advice if any controversial situations occur.

He will help you get insight into resolving complex tax issues, such as VAT refunds. He can also foresee and assess potential tax consequences and financial risks of other transactions. With his assistance you will be able to avoid double taxation (Why pay more than you have to?) and prepare your company for a tax inspection, which seldom passes without some unpleasant situations; you will also receive, if need be, reliable protection regarding resolving any tax disputes that have arisen. Support from our specialists in the course of tax inspections will guarantee that your rights are observed.

  • If the situation has entered the stage of legal proceedings, don’t give up. As may be seen from practice, the assistance of an experienced lawyer may give a taxpayer a good chance to assert his/her innocence. If a professional lawyer is dealing with the case, a person who knows where the danger is hidden for a taxpayer, the tax authorities only manage to win 25% of the cases, half of which subsequently go on to further review.

“AIP” provides a wide range of services related to tax consulting, which cover any potential problems related to tax issues.

We offer our help to organizations in many different industries, of various sizes, from large enterprises which are interested in, for example, building a foreign structure, to small businesses and sole proprietors. They all face controversial tax issues from time to time, but few of them are in a position or have the need to keep a tax specialist on staff. “AIP” is ready to become such a specialist, and we will find individual solutions for each client.

Manage your taxes!

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  • International Instruments of Tax Planning
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