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Tender consulting

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Getting familiar with tenders. Orders from government and businesses that may be won by competing for tenders may become a fairly significant source of income for any enterprise.

Many companies are willing to take part in such tenders, but a lot of them have no idea of the proper procedure and are not aware of what needs to be done in order to take part in such tenders.

Today, you may attend special courses which have been designed for those who want to learn to participate in tenders and win them. However, not many are ready to spend their time to master a “science” that is not related to their core activity, and it is not practical to introduce into the staff a new employee who deals solely with tenders.

If you are interested in seeing concrete results from your tenders rather than gaining theoretical knowledge, you may make use of the tender consulting services provided by “AIP”.

We can organize your participation in a tender and take part in your name, or join the process at any stage, beginning with monitoring the tenders that are within your line of business.

Tenders: beginning. What should any potential tender participant know and do?

  • to prepare special documents for a tender which is related to your product or service;
  • to submit a properly executed bid within the established time limit;
  • to receive an electronic digital signature (EDS) for participation in an electronic tender, or to have EDS reissued in the event of its expiry;
  • to pass through accreditation with trading floors to open a “personal account”
  • to organize the workplace, to set up the software and to master work with the trading floors interface.

In addition, you are to arrange for the provision of the security that is necessary for signing the contract.

You will not have to worry about what is being done, for what purpose, in what manner and in what time if our specialist is near you to provide the necessary advice and to help in resolving all those tasks.

Hidden rocks. Many participants face difficulties as early as the first stage, where suitable tenders are to be found, since the offers you need do not appear every day. Our specialists will monitor all interesting bids for you so that you'll be able to take part in the most beneficial projects.

It should be pointed out that customers, acting in bad faith, violate the rules of the tender, sometimes because a supplier cannot take part in the tender or perform all the conditions of the tender. The law provides grants tender participants the right to challenge such actions, and our specialists are ready to assume performance of this function, as well. We will apply in your name to the federal executive authority (Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS)) and resolve the problem.

A tender participant may also face problems if he has not studied the tender documentation  thoroughly enough before submitting his tender bid. As a result, the bid may be rejected, or performance of the assumed obligations may become impossible. Regardless, it will entail a loss of money and damage to the participant’s reputation. Make use of the services rendered by specialists of Audit-Consulting Group of Companies “AIP”, and we’ll help you get prepared for the tender.

Services to tender participants. If you are ready to take part in a tender, to win it and receive a promising order, we’ll:

  • provide you comprehensive advice;
  • help you in receiving the electronic digital signature and accreditation;
  • generate the required documents;
  • help you choose the tender that suits your company by taking into consideration your capabilities and wishes and will provide clarification on of the terms of the contract and potential risks;
  • execute and submit the bid;
  • take direct part in the tender (regardless of the form);
  • help you in making the contract;
  • represent your interests, if need be, before state control authorities if any violations are committed in the course of the tender.

You may need legal support after making the contract as well, for example, if the customer violates the terms of the contract in the course of their performance of the contractual obligations. We’ll help you assert your rights in any event.

Services to customers. Specialists of “AIP” may render assistance to government customers and business entities planning to hold a tender (auction/competitive bidding) by organizing the placement of the order in accordance with the legal provisions. With our help you will be able:

  • to prepare for the tender and to determine the optimal form of holding it;
  • to prepare the necessary tender documentation and a draft contract;
  • to take the necessary measures by notifying the potential tender participants;
  • to carry out the reception of bids and provide expert examination thereof and to determine the tender/competitive bidding participants;
  • to hold the tender, to declare the winner and to execute the protocol;
  • to sign the contract.

Assistance from qualified specialists will help you save your time, avoid errors and receive what you are looking for.
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Our services:

  • Organization and Placing Public and Municipal Orders
  • Assistance in Request Preparation
  • Competitive Tendering and Auction Monitoring
  • Appealing tenders’ results to the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service
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