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Transactions with immovable property

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“My apartment was sold without my knowledge!”, “The landlord has disappeared with the advance money!”, “The tenant has mucked up the apartment and is not going to compensate!”, “I have bought property but the court has taken the apartment away because it was under attachment”, “I was going to exchange my apartment for a smaller one but ended up without the apartment and without the money in the end”, “”I have paid the full amount but it turned out that the apartment had been already bought by another person before me”.

This sorrowful list of lamentations could be extended further, since there are a lot of fraudulent schemes and transactions regarding immovable property now, and skillful fraud artists invent new schemes all the time.

The issues related to the purchase/sale of immovable property and other transactions give rise to questions and doubts both with individual buyers, sellers, lessees and successors and with legal entities that do not have a lawyer on staff or perhaps they have one but he is not competent enough in this field or is overloaded with other work. Besides the purchase/sale and lease of immovable property, businessmen often have to answer questions related to re-planning premises, changing their functional purpose, contributing property to the charter fund, etc.

You may carry out the purchase, exchange, lease, privatization, re-planning, formalization of participation in shared construction, formalization of mortgage and other operations on your own, but in such cases you need to be ready to deal with rather high risks. Practice shows that the number of fraud cases is growing rather than decreasing from year to year, and the forms of fraud are highly diverse.

If, however, security is your number one concern, we’ll be happy to see you in “AIP”.

We have established a separate Department specifically for these purposes. Among its employees are specialists with significant experience in rendering realtor and broker services and naturally, lawyers. They provide support for any transaction. Beginning with an examination of documents and ending with the protection of your interests in front of the court (if need be). We render assistance both to individuals and to legal entities.

If you contact the Department, a number of specialists will immediately start resolving your problem. This will increase your chances of success considerably, especially where the matter is a complicated one.

How can we help you? “AIP” renders its services along three principal lines:

  • comprehensive legal support for transactions;
  • broker and realtor services;
  • due diligence (verification of good title).

Thus, you can secure yourself by entrusting the tasks that you are not able to resolve on your own due to lack of time or required expertise to a specialist; or you can entrust the entire process of performing an operation to a qualified lawyer to save your time and your nerves. As for the price of the services, it is determined on an ad hoc basis depending on the complexity of a task.

If you have planned an operation with an immovable property item (a plot of land, apartment, house, office premises) which you are going to sell, buy, exchange, lease out, privatize, re-plan, transfer from residential to non-residential stock or vice versa, transfer to trust or perform any other action with it, just TELEPHONE us to receive advice FREE OF CHARGE. After which, you will make the right decision.

Due diligence. The possibility of challenging a transaction with immovable property often arises  because due diligence had not been carried out before. As a result, the already relaxed buyer of an immovable property item suddenly learns that some successor or relative is making claims for his apartment on legitimate grounds or that his apartment is pledged or under attachment. A specialist who is fully aware of the possible problems that may arise will check the seller himself (as the seller may be legally incapable or may have no rights to the apartment at all) and the immovable property item for you so that you can be certain of the lawfulness of the purchase.

Realtors and brokers. Where can I find a suitable apartment? How can I exchange my housing? How can the offered item be appraised? Where should I go to obtain authorization for removing an interior wall? How should my mortgage be formalized? What should be done to turn an apartment into an office? What is necessary to register in the FRS Department?

These problems and many others should be resolved by those who have experience with immovable property. You may surf the Internet in search of the answers or request help from your acquaintances and relatives. Some people succeed whereas some others fail. If you want to increase your chances of success from 50/50 to 100/0, you have to engage a specialist who will warn you of dangerous and disadvantageous transactions.

Legal support. We provide a complete range of legal services including: consulting and negotiations, expert examinations, obtaining documents from BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory) and USRR (Unified State Register of Rights to Immovable Property and Transactions) and legal proceedings.

Immovable property deserves close attention, and “AIP” will see to that!

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